Sometimes I am left wondering how other couples, married couples find time to really make marriage that blissful state you so often read about or dream about.  Or I should say married couples that have multiple children, and even more descriptive, 3 children under the age of 5!  Marriage and parenting seem so disconnected on the average day, and that blissful state you see with others or hear about or read about seems so distant!  Is it a state that individuals really live in?  Is it real?  Is it fantasy?  I often wonder and believe on some level it is what others portray when they are around other couples or away from the day to day lives of raising kids and taking care of the home.  It isn’t that I believe they do not have bliss or love that runs deep, I just think that it is normal for others to believe someone else has that perfect marriage, especially when the day to day life of a married couple and 3 children who need so much feels so crazy.

I have to say that the two most important components of my life, my 3 children and my marriage, feel disconnected sometimes and no matter how hard I strive to reach a level playing field, I fail.  It isn’t until I get a day away with my husband, which doesn’t happen often enough, that I feel really refreshed in the marriage department.  Our love is strong, has weathered some storms, but deep down we have a connection and foundation that will not be destroyed!  That blissful state of marriage was achieved on saturday when my husband and I spent our 6 year anniversary away together, yes, just the two of us!  What a joy and blessing it was to reconnect and just be us for the day.  We did in fact miss our children terribly, but realized just how much we missed each other on all the other days when we get so consumed with parenting tasks and demands of our 3 young children!

Marriage is work, and will always be, but if the foundation and bond is there the work is worth it!  I am blessed to have Tim in my life and because of our love we have 3 beautiful children and nothing could make me want anything different, not even that unending blissful state of marriage on an every day basis!


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