approaching birthdays…

Why do we as mothers, and I mean mothers because most fathers would say that it is a waste of money, stress over birthday parties?  Is it that our kids, hypothetically speaking ages to be, 3 and 5, really want the extravagent party, or is it that we as mothers, women, feel the need to keep up with the jones’s?  The biggest party, the best location, the prettiest or coolest decorations, all of which should match, and of course enough food for everyone, parents and kids!  Or is it the mere fact that we as mothers want our children to have the memories that were created when we were children?

I guess in some respect I feel pressure to keep up with the jones’s, but deep down I want my kids to have the best day they can and make those memories!  I do understand the point my husband tries to make that it really doesn’t matter what we do, it’s that we celebrate the day we brought our children into this world.  In an attempt to make everyone happy and not go overboard and waste money on decorations, plates, etc that the boys themselves will not pay any attention to, I, wait I mean we, decided to do 1 party for the two special boys. I am sure they will laugh a little more, engage in carefree play with their friends, and not care about all those details that we as mother’s stress too much about! Here is to the approaching birthday party of Carter and Preston! I hope their day is extra special because that is what they have done for me….made all my days extra special!


One thought on “approaching birthdays…

  1. I love this! So funny. I’m not sure if you read it, but I posted about Zachary’s second birthday and what we decided to do this year, right around the same time you were having your party! Z’s birthday is on the 20th of sept. I love the joint party idea. A perfect way to celebrate! I hope is was fabulous and I’m sure it was 🙂

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