I do know that Thanksgiving was last week, but the days seem to slip by me so fast, and I am just sitting down now to recap on my Thanksgiving! This is quite possibly my favorite holiday, not sure if its because my mother has always made wonderful traditions in our family and for all my life we always have Thanksgiving at her house, “HOME”, with my close family, or if its becuase it is one holiday that is not focused on what you bought and for whom you bought it for?? Call me crazy, some people LOVE Christmas, and yes I do love Christmas, but Thanksgiving is and might always be my favorite! I fail at trying to be truely thankful everyday, I am thankful everyday, but I know I fail making those around me aware of my thankfulness.

These are some of the things I wish I did every single day because I am so blessed and Thankful.

I am Thankful for the wonderful husband, Tim, I love you more than words and appreciate all you do, give up and give to me and the kids!

Thank you to my babies, Carter, Preston and Layla, you will NEVER know how much you mean to me, and how much you have changed my life (for the BETTER, always)! I can’t put into words how much I love you, for it is way too impossible. I only hope that you feel the love everyday and how very THANKFUL I am for each of you! </a
Thank you to my Mother who grew up way to fast and always gave us what we needed and who is and always will be my very BEST FRIEND! You are my rock, and I am so THANKFUL for you and for helping me become who I am! I am extra thankful for the man you married and for you giving me a stepfather that has been an amazing FATHER through the years to me!

Thank you to my sisters, who are my best friends, who are amazing aunts to my babies and who I couldn’t live without! I am THANKFUL for each one of you!

I am THANKFUL for the skills I have to do the profession I LOVE! I truely enjoy making others feel their best!

I am THANKFUL for this and so much more!!!!!


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