365 Challenge day 3 photo

I have come to the realization that trying to get on the computer each night to post that days photo is difficult, so I am going to give myself a little break and post the pictures as I can! I will label the day of which it was taken! Being a wife and mother with a part time job and taking care of the house makes for busy days, but I love every bit of it!!!!

Day 3 Photo!

This picture was taken early morning, my oldest insists that he doesn’t need to sleep! He is not the best sleeper either….he came out in the a.m., and just curled up on his anywhere chair and fell back to sleep, I just had to capture this glimpse in time of my precious Carter!

With this photograph, how could i resist taking a picture of my little diva???? She enjoys having her picture taken and dressing up and I love it! Her pink cowboy boots are my favorite. here Layla is going on an adventure, all dressed up:)


One thought on “365 Challenge day 3 photo

  1. Nice snap shots of the kids…I hear ya on how busy you are…just post when you can. I raised my daughter alone for 11 years as we got divorced and he walked out on us. I worked three jobs too. But back then I did not blog. It might have kept my sanity….

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