Project 365: Day 6

I was a little hesitent to do this project (project 365) because I thought wow, a picture a day, that was going to be challenging. And I know that it has only been 6 days, but this project, the start of it, has been eye opening! I have realized that I somehow miss the little moments in the day, with my children, life itself! I am hoping that when I am 200 days in, I will feel just the same, excited as to what the day will hold and to what I can capture through my lens!

Here are a few pictures I wanted to post, I couldn’t just pick one! My kids give me so much joy and when I stop to just take it all in and enjoy time doing what they want to do, I have fun too!

First picture is of Carter (my oldest) and Layla (my youngest), playing together with their tunnel tent! Layla didn’t seem so happy Carter was invading her

the next few shots are of me and the kids (using my wireless remote)… of my favorite things, and Preston’s too, is for me to lay in his bed before nap and bed and read him a book! This time is so precious and I hope he never grows out of wanting that time with me! he is my independent child so there aren’t a large amount of moments in a day where he wants one on one time, he doesn’t demand it like the other two! So I cherish these moments and have realized the indescribable value of them!

This last shot of the day is of my oldest and I. Carter loves, loves, loves anything that operates on batteries. He is so intrigued in how they work and wants to operate them himself. So as I took out my wireless remote, only the 2nd time ever, he of course wanted to do it…..and he wanted to be in the photo with could I say no??? Of course I want that time with him and giving him what he wants (operating the remote) makes him happy too! We were looking out the window on this nice sunny day…..


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