Project 365: Day 10

Week day mornings are crazy from getting the kids ready to get out the door, atleast one to school and two days a week two of them go to school. Packing snacks, book bags, getting dressed, breakfast, and picking up the house, it gets a little crazy, but I do love it! Today was one of those days where I had to rush around to get all 3 ready to get out the door for both boys to get to school. Here are some pictures to show the highlights from our daily routine!!!!

Preston has been doing a better when it comes to school, he just beebops right into school…….its the mommy leaving part….

This is where the copy room comes in……He has such a hard time with me leaving him while he is in the classroom, but the teachers have been so kind to take him to the copy room so he can make copies…this is the ritual and it means mommy leaves without tears from her baby!

To say Layla hates the car seat is an understatment, but here she knew we were at Carter’s school to pick him up and she was going to be set free…lol…

Today was library day for Carter…..he was so excited to show me the book he chose! He couldn’t wait to tell me about all the wonderful bugs that were inside this book, I can’t wait to read it with him.

Carter and Preston love when I put my ipod on in the car, they know excactly what song they want to hear, it is just a matter of me finding it! Stuck Like Glue, by Sugarland is their favorite song and Carter loves to sing to it, making Preston burst into laughter…Here is the special moment! LOVE IT!!!


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