Project 365: Day 20

Is winter over yet????? This cold weather is killing me and we have only just begun, a little late I must add. Lets hope and pray we have a short winter! I want to get outside and see bright beautiful colors and watch my kids run and play…..for now we are left to find things to do inside! As you can probably tell I am feeling a little of the winter blues today, motivation is lost.

Here a few of my favorite photos for today! Atleast these faces make my day brighter!

I could read to this little lady all day long! She’ll climb in my arms and just listen to her books and I love it…Cuddle is one of my favorites, I think it is one of her favorites too!

Carter is my creative child…he loves to create things, build things, his imagination is one of the things I love about him….When he gets into something, he can play for hours.

Love the “LOVE” these two have for each other…I hope their bond only grows stronger through the years!

I just can’t resist this face…His smile makes everything so much better!


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