Project 365: Day 26

Today I got to enjoy some time with my little girl one on one while both boys had school, then I took all 3 to Jumpin Jungle with a couple of their friends after school! Last week, at Jumpin Jungle, I spent most of the time taking pictures of the kids, this week I just wanted to be present with them! Despite my little princess having a cold and ear infection, she totally enjoyed herself and I enjoyed watching her! The boys of course loved the time with their friends, and I am thankful that I can take them to burn off that energy!

One on one time with Layla….. She is absolutely obsessed with chapstick/lipgloss. Can we say girly girl???? I love it, but she wants to eat it and also slather my face with it, today I had a better idea…lets put it on our baby!
A side note, the baby she chose was her cabbage patch kids…It takes me back to when I was a little girl, I had so many of these!

After Jumpin Jungle my two sons disappeared for a few minutes and this is what resulted…My superhero!


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