Project 365: Day 30 and 31

Well January is about to come to a close and I am impressed with myself that I have made it this far in my Project 365! I have had some days where I haven’t been so motivated, but for the most part I have kept up the momentum! I love the fact that I will have pictures from everyday of 2012, and I can look back and see my kids, my life, and reflect….be grateful!

I am feeling a bit sad today, for my clients distant family, I heard the news that my clients cousin gave birth to a boy and within minutes the baby died. I cannot imagine the sadness. Ironically I walked with a good friend today, she is a photographer, and she was called to take pictures of this little angel with the parents and family last night! I am sure it isn’t easy to do, but I am amazed by her and other photographers who are a part of this great group who give these families their services in such a hard time! I hold my babies a bit tighter today, and count my blessings! My heart goes out to this family and any other family that experiences such loss. I will pray for them!

So on a happier note, here are the three blessings in my life…God I love them more than life itself!

Day 30:
My son Carter has been so into games, and since we have the wii, he is always wanting to play! Here is a picture of him kicking some butt, boxing! He gets so proud of himself. He also had my husband and I in stitches this weekend at some of the things that he says while playing!

Day 31:
My oldest has always been a very nurturing child! I have to admit that time to time he will play with a baby doll, and some may gasp at the thought of their son playing with such girly things, but I look at it that he is going to be a great dad someday! He always gravitates toward babies when they are around and he is so good with them, I am so proud his gentle soul!

Now on the other hand you have Preston, the middle child, he is so different in many ways than the other two! He is more independant, and all boy. Lately he has been obsessed with his superhero capes, so much so he even wore one to school. Today he is superman, batman is in the laundry!

And we have Layla…she is my princess, baby and she is a girly girl. She loves her baby doll, and I love to see her playing with it!

You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. ~Albert Camus
Sometime we just need to stop searching and recognize all the things in our lives that make us happy!!!!!! Life is short!


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