Project 365: Day 35, 36 and 37

To say that I have been too busy to post the pictures I have taken is an understatement! Here are the pictures from the weekend and today!

Day 35! The picture(s) of the day are of my son Carter..he had is concert (fundraiser) at Barnes and Noble and I was so proud of him! He is such a precious little boy! His teacher had them sing 2 songs and they were taught sign language for each song! They did SO good!

LOVE when he gives the thumbs up!
I adore this picture!
These two kids with Carter are his very best friends, besides his brother! I call them the 3 muskateers

Day 36 and 37: I am going to post a few pictures that will go for yesterday and today! Yesterday was my birthday, and as I get older it seems just like one more day! Yesterday was special for me….My family made it special for me. Carter wanted to buy me flowers, so he picked out some when we were at the store!

He also picked out my ice cream cake…and had explicit instructions for the woman at the bakery counter to put the correct name on it… “M” – “O” – “M” !!!

Here is a picture of the other two babies……what a special day it was just hanging out with my wonderful family!
and Bonus my mom, stepfather and sisters joined us for superbowl/birthday celebration!
My precious preston sleeping so peacefully!
How can you resist this messy face!!!!! She definately enjoyed the ice cream cake!


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