Project 365: Day 38

I have always had a love for photography, art, and creative outlets, probably why I am a hairstylist! My job satisfys my creative side. I have always loved to take pictures, for as long as I can remember I have carried a camera around and snapped photos, of friends, family, family functions, and now my life as a mother and wife. My passion has grown tremendously, since I gave birth to my son Carter, but the last year I have a hunger to learn more. I have a dear friend who is a photographer, we met 2 1/2 years ago as our children entered preschool together and as our friendship grew, so did my desire to learn from her and learn more about photography. I watched her take pictures of my little girl as a newborn, all the way through to her first birthday and I fell in love with what she did for a profession and her creative techniques. I am by no means a professional, I love to take pictures, and to me it is more about capturing the moment then making money, and I can only hope one day along with doing hair, my first professional love, I can add photographer to my list of professional skills. For now, and this is where the photos come in…I have done some pictures for friends, and these are the finished product! I will also add a pic or two from my life with my family!

a newborn shoot:

Time spent with a friend and her son:

1 year pics for my good friends son Calvin:

Picture of the DAY!
My daughter is so interested in the POTTY and has been for over 6 months now….I have put if off because she isn’t even 2 and I don’t want the novelty to wear off when it is actually time to potty train. For now she follows her brothers into the bathroom, and this is how I found her the other day..with her little potty!


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