Project 365: Day 39 and 40

My kiddos are getting so big! Each day I look at them, I think back to when they were tiny and just cuddled in my arms, and now….not so much! My boys are getting so big, they look like they can be twins, and we get asked that alot. Preston is almost as tall as carter, and they definately keep up with each other. Layla, well I don’t know if I even remember her being a baby (not really), she keeps right up with her brothers and I think she is going to give them a run for their money!

Day 39: The wii is the boys favorite past time…..and I think daddy enjoys it too!

Preston is struggling with the whole giving up a nap! I love naptime, it is mommy’s time, but he is a night owl by nature so if he naps, he is up late….Unfortunately I think we have to just go with the flow. He falls asleep anywhere these days and I love to capture my sleeping prince. and his adorable toes too!!!!

Layla is a ham for the camera, which I love! I never am short on photos of her…..her personality shines and I fall in love with her more each day…she’s definately my baby girl!

Day 40: The steelers are our favorite football team, and each kid has a hat! Carter wanted to wear his yesterday, and of course the other two followed suit! Love this photo! rare to get them all looking at same time!


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