Project 365: Day 41, 42, 43 and 44

It has been awhile since I posted pics and I promised myself i wasn’t going to beat myself up over it, but I get frustrated….I have to let that go! I have been busy taking pictures and also editing some….and learning new software I got for my birthday! Here are the last few days of photos……

DAY 41: 2/10/12
My two youngest playing some music for me while I prepare dinner!!!!! Very loud might I add, but love them just being kids:) ❤

DAY 42: 2/11/12

Layla doesn’t even take a binky…..but lately she has wanted to walk around with it in her mouth……pick my battles I guess. Love this picture of her, my little B.F.F…..shirt is so fitting….you have no idea, momma’s girl through and through!

DAY 43: 2/12/12

Carter and Tim (daddy)

Preston and Tim (daddy)
I love to capture the little moments in our day…these two photos were captured while at the table for breakfast! All 3 kiddos love their daddy, and they sure do miss him during the week…I am so glad I could get these two pictures, a memory of how much they adore him! and He sure does adore each one of our babies too.
The greatest gift I ever had
Came from God; I call him Dad!
~Author Unknown

DAY 44: 2/13/12
In honor of Valentines day, today and tomorrow I will post some photos from my little photo session of my kiddos! They were sports, atleast for a little while.


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