Project 365: Day 48-52

The last few days+ have been crazy. My husband Tim’s father was in town for the weekend (Friday-Monday) and the kids had a blast! I just love seeing them light up when he comes to visit, and he is amazing, he just plays with them non-stop! It was also like christmas, since we did not see him over the holidays, he brought their presents to them!

Day 48: Amazed we got all 3 to look at same time 🙂

Day 49: Before Bedtime Book!

Day 50:
Another bonus to Tim’s father visiting is he likes to have my family over for dinner too, and it is nice to have the two families come together! here is a picture of Layla and her Aunt Lauren. My sister is amazing with my kids, they love and adore her and so do I.

Day 51:
Layla is so adorable…I could watch her all day she was exploring with her brothers binoculars…… They of course did not know she was playing with them!

Day 52: My little monster…Preston!!!!!


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