Project 365: Day 55, 56, 57 and 58

Day 55:
I have recently signed up to do the 2nd annual Greater Binghamton Bridge Run! I did it last year, record time for me out of the 3 I had finished at that time, and I was very proud of myself! As a mother of 3 I find it very hard to train though, and that is the hardest part for me. I am looking forward to running my 4th half marathon, it is such an accomplishment for me, and I love to run!
Here is a picture of layla wearing my sneakers…….maybe some day we will run togther????

Day 56:
The kids have been really into the wii lately, and I have to admit, I have enjoyed watching them, and even playing at times! It has become something we do as a family together in the evening!

Day 57:
Layla is my little fashionista….she definately likes to pick out her own clothes..she added the orange jacket as her own personal touch to her cute outfit for church!

Day 58:
My poor Preston and Layla have bad colds:( As a mother it is the hardest to see your babies struggle, Layla isn’t doing so hot today. here is a picture of her, all red, blotchy and not feeling her chipper self!


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