Project 365: Day 66, 67 and 68

The past few days have been so nice, the weather has been warm and we have had a few playdates with some great friends! Here are some of the memories of the past few days!

Day 66: (march 6th, 2012)
Layla My princess playing with her brothers
I remember when Carter loved the camera, and its not that he hates it now, he just likes to try to run from it and play instead…every so often I get a glimpse of his beautiful eyes…
Preston, my cool dude all ready to go out into the bright sunshine!
Tubby Time….and I just love this picture because the two of them have gotten closer over the past few months and the interaction is a beautiful thing to see!!! They really do love each other 🙂

Day 67: (march 7, 2011)
We had lil learners, as we always do on Wednesdays….and since it was so nice out, I promised the kids we would play with our friends at the park! They had a blast!!

Day 68: (march 8th, 2012)
Today started out beautiful, but there was a chance of rain, and I knew we’d end up at jumpin jungle instead of the park, but all that mattered is that we were with our great friends! And the kids had FUN!
(one of the mothers kindly took my camera to take a picture of me and my lil princess having fun together…..its not everyday I get to be in the pictures!)
Preston, my precious free spirit!
Carter and one of his best friends mothers!!!!
Preston and Layla racing each other……Loved watching every minute of it and hearing the giggles that came from the two of them!

These kids are my pride and joy……life with them is amazing and they teach me to stop everyday and be thankful for all that I have! I love you Carter, Preston and Layla…may you always feel my love because it is so abundant within me!


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