Project 365: Day 69, 70, 71, 72 and 73

Day 69: (march 9th, 2012)
Every morning Carter wakes up and looks for his daddy…it makes my heart ache a little when Tim leaves early, which is most mornings becuase of his commute, and Carter gets a little sad because he didn’t get a chance to say goodbye! On this morning Carter woke and was able to watch daddy leave for work….

Day 70: (march 10, 2012)
good morning my sunshines…..mornings are sometimes lazy, and most of the time the kids want to eat their breakfast on their anywhwere chairs, and most of the time I am fine with it! here are pictures of my babies in the a.m.

Day 71: (march 11, 2012)
This was definately a lazy sunday….Layla is back on an antibiotic for an infection in both ears, tonsils and glands 😦 boo……
Carter got to help daddy make pancakes, my parents came to be with kids so Tim and I could get a run in together and then the boys and I went to a birthday party while Layla and daddy had a date!

This face says “mommy my nose needs wiped…” for the umpteenth time! Poor baby girl.

Day 72: (march 12, 2012)
I always fall in love with my husband a little bit more when I see him with our kids…. He truely is an amazing father! Sunday was a great day for him, and I believe for Layla too. She and daddy had a chance to spend some quality time together, just them. he took her to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner and the mall…he even went to cvs and bought her some nail polish…and he painted her nails (the very first time for her). He loved every minute of it and I am so glad he got the chance to spend that time with her! Here is a picture of her with her nails painted…..

Day 73: (march 13, 2012)
Layla has been very into her babies lately…I absolutely adore it!!! She strollers them around, feeds them, and carries them as she gives them kisses! What a good little mommy…. Here is a picture of her as she was strollering the baby around, I love the angle of this picture and just the way the light was coming in from the window!


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