Project 365: Day 83, 84, 85, 86, 87 and 88

OK, so I am slacking on posting to my project, not slacking on taking pictures though! Where does time go???? I need to find more time so I can do everything I need to do! Between the kids, taking pics, editing the ones that need it, and yes I am a perfectionist, training for a half marathon, working out on the days I don’t run, working and just taking care of the house, there just isn’t enough time for it all!

Day 83: (3/22/2012) The week just kept on getting better weather wise..the kids LOVED being outside! We did 3 different parks in one week!

Day 84: (3/23/2012) Today layla is 21 months old, I cannot believe how fast her 2nd birthday is approaching 😦 boo…she’s not a baby anymore…so in honor of her I am posting a pic of her too! She is my precious angel..I adore her.

Here is a pic of my son and one of his friends Anderson, they are part of what we call the three muskateers (Carter, anderson and alex). They called this part of the playground “the Jail”!

Its amazing to see such friendships grow!

Day 85: (3/24/2012)
Carter and Layla sharing some cuddle time while having a “popple” as layla would put it 🙂
an exhausted preston with daddy heading to bed!

Day 86: (3/25/2012)
Sunday was a busy day, we had church, then a birthday party, Layla didn’t nap all day, first time ever, and she did pretty good! She passed out in my arms, wish I could have kept her there! I miss those days of watching my babies sleep in my arms!
Here are my babies! LOVE-LOVE-LOVE Them!

Day 87: (3/26/2012)
Another week has begun……..this week the weather is not so….maybe I will not feel so stressed about getting my stuff done because all I wanted to do last week was be at the park with the kiddos.

My super silly boy!!!! Can’t just get him to look at camera and be natural with a smile, but why would I want that anyway, this is my boy this very minute in our lives…Love and Adore HIM!

Day 88: 93/27/2012)
Layla is getting to the point where she will play by herself, there are many times she wants to be entertained, but she is getting better. It helps that her brothers are here to, to entertain her! it is nice when they all play together. Today she came out into th kitchen before school with ear warmers on, I think she was mimmicking me when I run in the cold!

I cannot believe how big my kiddos are now….I remember when they were so small and relied on me for their happiness (food, and cuddling), I wish time could stand still for awhile so I can keep them small! I am so blessed to have my babies and my husband, I can’t imagine my life without them!

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