Project 365: Day 92 and 93

Day 92: (3/31/2012)
I am not a lover of heights……It makes my stomach turn to be up high and look down, but there isn’t much I won’t do for my kids! Friday we were outside waiting for daddy to get home from work and the kids were playing, the boys decided to throw their toy woody up in the tree, and he got stuck! When Tim got home, I got up in the tree to get him….and of course this was a sight for my husband, kids and neighbor Jack!

The kids were impressed!
Saturday: We had a very busy day…here is a picture of my family all gathered in Preston’s bed! I adore them!


Day 93: (4/1/2012)
We had a very fun and eventful sunday! Started with Church, bright and early, followed by a pancake breakfast and then and easter egg hunt at friends house! The kids had a blast and I loved every minute of the family time!
Carter LOVED looking for the eggs, and of course the treats inside!

Preston wanted no part of egg hunting! He preferred to just be on the trampoline! He is so quiet sometimes and just likes to do his own thing!

Layla had just as much fun as Carter did! She had alot of eggs in her bucket!


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