Project 365: Day 98, 99, 100, 101, 102

It was supposed to be a very relaxing and family oriented holiday weekend, well of course it was not just that. Tim, Carter and I were all under the weather:( We managed to enjoy a little of the Easter weekend! The kids had a blast coloring easter eggs, before we all got sick, Tim and I got out for our 11 mile run with friends Friday a.m., and Sunday was Easter!

I feel very blessed to have my 3 WONDERFUL Kids, and My amazing husband in my life! I could not imagine life without them, even in the craziest of times! Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve such amazing gifts in my life! I thank god everyday for these amazing blessings!

Day 98: (4/6/2012) Tim and I got out for a run with friends (training for our half marathon in may), and then we got to color easter eggs with the kids. Despite Tim not feeling very well, we had fun watching them enjoy themselves! Its amazing to see the joy in their eyes!
Daddy and Preston having a little snooze!
Carter LOVING every minute of coloring eggs! I love this age!
Preston had more color on him than the eggs! He’s one of a kind, I am glad I have him! Such JOY in his life.

Day 99: (4/7/2012) Tim had the bug Friday night to saturday am and Carter woke up with it :(.. Not very much fun! Here is a pic of my handsome men just lounging around on a lazy Saturday!

Day 100: (4/8/2012) Happy Easter! Though under the weather, it was still a very nice day! The kids loved getting their easter baskets! Layla got a bike, and the boys got fishing poles! They loved the easter egg hunt at Nona’s house and enjoyed the Candy! We are very blessed…Great kids and Wonderful Family to share our lives with!
My Princess!
My boys…so handsome!
Layla with her Aunt Lauren! BUBBLES!!!
Layla and her BIG BROTHER!


Preston had to be woken up and he didn’t want to participate…Daddy took him around and helped him out!

Day 101: (4/9/2012) Carter has been complaining his mouth hurts for a day and a half now….I called the dentist and they weren’t open so we had to call the dentist on call…They wanted to see him! He had a filling about a month and a half ago, a pretty deep cavity that the dentist said may not do the trick and he was right! The on call dentist recommended we pull the tooth. I think this was harder on me than on is so hard to see your babies in pain and to know that he was feeling discomfort and to have to have novicain and get a tooth pulled, oh my I was a mess! HE DID GREAT! Such a trooper he is, and he wasn’t ready to put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy, so I told him he can do it when he is ready! Here is my big boy with his BIG tooth, can’t believe how big it is for a baby tooth!

Day 102: (4/10/2012) Today we had a playdate with my best friend and her two kids. Carter and Madison, her oldest have been friends since birth, she is 6 months younger than carter. Her youngest, Mackenzie is 2 months older than layla! They always have fun when we get together, as do Beth and I! I can’t wait till summer when she is off from work and we can get together weekly!
Madison and the boys
The two youngest, Kenzie and Layla!
The sweethearts!!!!!
Layla and their dog Moxley! She loves dogs.

“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”
– Sent by Donna Roberts


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