Project 365: Day 110, 111, and 112

This week has been a busy week, but a fabulous one! The sun has been shining and I have been feeling very blessed! Life is good!

Day 110: (4/18/2012)
Layla is definately a “Momma’s Girl”! She loves, loves, loves her daddy, but when I am around it is usually all me! Sometimes that is hard, even though I adore her, but most of the time I love that she still NEEDS me so much! In the a.m. when I get her out of her crib, this week I have really noticed it, she will throw her arms around my neck and just melt into me….and there really isn’t anything better than that! Its amazing how one little being and one action can make everything seem so right!

Day 111: (4/19/2012)
The kids have been picking the parks they have been wanting to go to all week. Today they picked Arnold Park, it has a big sandbox, and they always ask if they can go in and play. I usually say no, for a few reasons, the sand gets everywhere (what a mess) and who knows what goes in and out of there after dark??? animals???? Sometimes seems like it would be a big litter I happen to let them go into it today and they had a ball!
Carter finds friends no matter where he goes, I just love that about him! He is so outgoing, I am proud of him.

Preston is more of an independant, shy child…..he enjoys playing with Carter though!

Layla was in her glory playing with the sand! I was proud of how well she played without me right there with her! I truely enjoyed just watching her!

Day 112: (4/20/2012)
Today I put Layla’s hair in Pigtails and she looked absolutely adorable. I put them in her hair only one other time (christmas eve), but her hair wasn’t as long, but today they stayed pretty good with some clips for some reassurance! I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing her hair even though she doesn’t really want to take the time for me to do it!

oh and yes she is wearing her cowgirl boots at the park!!! Her FAVORITES!


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