Project 365: Day 113-116

Day 113: (4/21/2012) The kids (all 3 of them) LOVE to be outside, and they espcially love to mow with daddy! Tim got his riding lawn mower for Father’s Day last year, not sure how we’ll top that this year! Here is a pic of the preston mowing with daddy! He looks so happy……he doesn’t always get the most time with Tim, so I love to see him enjoying himself and helping daddy!

Day 114: (4/22/2012) Layla is obsessed with Birds, she loves to watch them out our front window!

Day 115: (4/23/2012) This year we put a new birdfeeder out front and the old one out back! I love seeing how excited the kids get to watch the birds! Carter is definately an animal lover and Layla is starting to be the same way!

Layla is 22 months today…. 😦 Where has the time gone, in two more months she will be 2!!!!!
Here is a pic of my precious baby girl!

Day 116: 4/24/2012) This weekend we got another mario game and new controllers for the WII…. The boys have been OBSESSED! They Play any chance they get, I am hoping the novelty wears off before the weather gets nice because we are not going to stay inside all day to play mario! Here are the boys as they were watching the game play itself, I have to beg them to get their picture taken these days!!!!


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