Project 365: Day 119, 120, 121 and 122

This weekend was nice, didn’t have to work a long saturday, got a chance to run with my husband and go to a nice dinner and have a relaxing Sunday with the kids! Plus both Tim and I got a lot done around the house, that is always a good feeling!

Day 119: (4/27/2012)
Today is my youngest sister’s 18th Birthday, I cannot believe how fast that time went! I cannot believe that she will be going off to college, it just doesn’t seem possible. Loganne is an amazing young woman, friend, sister and Aunt and I only hope that she knows her worth, because she has so many amazing gifts! Here is a picture of my beautiful sister with Layla on Christmas Day!

Its that time of year again, Carter and Preston are all set to play t-ball! They are so EXCITED to play and to be able to be on the same team as all their friends! I am looking forward to it too!

Day 120: (4/28/2012)
Layla adores her big brother carter! I love love love seeing moments like this!

Day 121: (4/29/2012)
Sunday, we all had a very lazy morning….layla decided she wanted her toe nails painted, so daddy decided he’d paint them for her! I love how much he adores her, such an amazing father to our babies!

Day 122: (4/30/2012)
I love watching the dynamics of each relationship between the three kids…..Carter and Layla get along great, I think for a few reasons, for one they are the most alike. Therefore I think that without even trying they give each other what they need because they know what they would want. Carter and Preston get along so well, but fight good too. They have such a great friendship and truely enjoy playing with each other! Carter does seem to love to teach him stuff! Preston just wants Carter to pay attention to him!
As for preston and Layla, this relationship is the most puzzling, maybe because they are so close in age, and boy and girl??? or that preston is more laid back then layla, she is a demanding little one at times! Who knows, but I do know that they do love each other and I only hope they grow to enjoy more and more time playing together! As for now this is a moment I see alot between the two of them…p.s. it isn’t because Preston bully’s or tortures her, its actually the other way around! She knows how to push his buttons!


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