Project 365: Day 123, 124, 125 and 126

Day 123: (5/1/2012) When you think of little girls, you think of baby dolls and barbies and princesses, and I have to be honest I couldn’t wait to see my little girl playing with these. But having older brothers, she tends to play with superhero figurines, cars, trains and even dressesd up as a superhero from time to time. Though I love to see her play with her brothers, and it is still cute to watch her imagination at work, I deep down wish she’d play those girly things more often! Lately she has been into her baby dolls and I love to watch her mother them!
Here is a picture of Layla bringing her babydoll to drop the boys off at school! She had to have the baby sit in her carseat right next to her!

Day 124: (5/2/2012) This week has been another nice one here so of course we go to the park with our friends after school! I love this time with the kids, first because it gives them a chance to run and burn off energy and second, I see how very much they enjoy having this free time with their friends! The big park we go to has a sandbox and as I have posted before it is not my favorite thing to let me kids do (go into it), because who knows what uses it as a litter box, but they do enjoy it! I can’t wait to see my babies at the beach this year! Here is a pic of Preston.

Day 125: 95/3/2012) Tonight was the first night of T-Ball for the boys. They were so excited! The team did very well, and I truely enjoyed watching a capturing the excitement in each child!

Tim is one of the coaches and I can truely say that I love to watch him with these kids! He was meant to coach kids, he is great with them and sometimes has patience like a saint! So proud to call him my husband and the father of my children!

I rarely get the chance to be on the other side of the camera, so when a friend of mine offered to take a picture of me and Carter, I took her up on it!

Day 126: (5/4/2012) Today was a hot and humid day, but that didn’t stop us from venturing to the park after school! The kids had fun and one of Carter’s best friends discovered a frog in the water that sat below the swings. They of course caught it and observed it for atleast a half hour if not more!

My little girl! I love watching her, its amazing what makes little ones happy! So innocent!


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