Project 365: Day 127, 128, 129 and 130

Day 127: (5/5/2012)
One of the things our family loves to do together is go for Ice Cream! It is a treat for the kids especially! Carter loves it the most, then Layla and then Preston!

Day 128: (5/6/2012)
Tim and I ran a local half marathon and all our hard work paid off! Finishing time was 1:46:45, I shaved off 3 minutes from last years time! In my age group I was 19 out of 159 and of the total women runners, 562, I was 50! To top it all off we were on the front page of the newspaper monday morning! Crossing the finish line with my husband felt great, knowing that we did it together was a nice moment for us! We also ran with close friends of ours, it was a beautiful day out as well. Couldn’t have asked for a better day and race!
We celebrated by cooking out and here is a picture of Layla eating her first ear of corn for the year!!!!

Day 129: (5/7/2012)
Preston is doing well with cutting out his nap, he will go a few days and then rack out if he is really tired…..I am amazed at where this child will just fall asleep.

Day 130: (5/8/2012)
Layla and I share some special time before nap and bed! We put a blanket down on the floor and read all her favorite books! Layla has her baby in hand and doing the same thing…Precious!

I love capturing even the little moments of our lives. These moments are the ones that slip by! I wish I could freeze time, and since I cannot these photographs will help me to remember the big and small moments in my childrens lives!


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