Project 365: Day 134, 135, 136 and 137

There is just something about being a mother…..I can’t put it into words, and I don’t think any words would ever be able to sum up what I feel for my kids and truely how much I enjoy being their mother! This past weekend was amazing for me, between my husband and my kids and then celebrating with the women in my family, I truely feel blessed! I could not imagine being anywhere else this very moment, then right here!

Day 134: (5/12/2012) I worked a shorter day today and had the chance to spend some quality time with my family. The weather was beautiful, sun shining and warm! My kiddos gave me my mother’s day gifts early, they were excited to celebrate me, especially Carter, and I loved it! The boys loved helping Tim mow the lawn and Layla and I just hung out! We ate at our favorite pizza place (Joey’s Pizzaria), and just had a great day!
Layla helping me fill the bird feeder
Though we can’t see their faces or what is in their hands, (its a frog that Carter caught), this picture makes me smile……They shared a moment of excitement with catching this frog in our yard! I love this because of their hands, together sharing something!

Day 135: (5/13/2012) Mother’s Day!
I can’t even begin to describe how blessed I feel! I have the best mother in the whole world, and I know many people say that and feel that for their mothers, but I actually do! She had me and my older sister when she was VERY young, and as long as I can remember she has always been selfless, given us everything and always put us first! The relationship my mom and I grew to have, has always been one of strength and friendship. She has always been my best friend and I know that no matter what I can count on her! Her gifts to the world are abundant and priceless and I can’t imagine my life without her! She is an amazing “Nana” to my babies and I feel blessed they get to have her love! I only hope that I can atleast be half the woman she is…strong, selfless, compassionate, wise, proud, BEAUTIFUL….and so much more!
My BEAUTIFUL mom and I!
Me and my Sisters

My mother and her girls!

Day 136: (5/14/2012) I woke up Monday morning still feeling blessed by what I have in my life and instead of showing a picture I took from Monday I want to honor my Handsome Husband!!!! He truely makes my world a better place, and because of him and I together, I have my 3 beautiful babies! Through all the ups and downs of life, Tim has always loved me, and for that I am truely grateful!

Day 137: (5/15/2012) Rainy couple of days so not much going on here, but as I said above the kids found a frog, and they have struggled to want to let it go. Unfortunately Tim and I had to make a decision to just let it go w/out them around so the frog could survive! I have to admit as much as I detest slimy creatures, bugs and anything like that, I enjoyed watching all 3 of them get so excited at first catching the frog and just having it around! Even Layla held it, or should I say squeezed it a few times! I have to toughen up if I am going to be successful at raising boys and right now a tom boy it seems. Here is a picture of them all with their frog, letting him have a little breather on our stone steps.

Preston and the frog!
Carter and the frog!
Layla and the frog, Carter being a mother hen!

“Dance like nobody’s watching; love like you’ve never been hurt. Sing like nobody’s listening; live like it’s heaven on earth.” – – Mark Twain


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