Project 365: Day 144, 145, 146 and 147

Day 144: (5/22/2012)
Layla and I did some errands while the boys were at school, and because she was so good I treated her to her favorite things these days…the park! I took her to a park that I used to go to as a kid, not for the playground, but to watch my stepfather play a game called beep-ball. You may be wondering what that is, well my stepfather is partially (legally) blind and it is a form of softball where the ball beeps and they run to one of two bases that beep until they get to them…….It always amazed me to watch my stepfather! He is a man who can do so many things despite his vision, he has skied, played beep ball, worked hard always and is an amazing father!
So taking Layla to this park brought back a lot of childhood memories for me! I enjoy watching her every move, filled with joy and wonder! For me this is one of my favorite parts of being a mother, I get to experience the little things all over again!

Day 145: (5/23/2012)
Today Layla is 23 months old…wow, where did that time go? In just one short month my baby girl will be 2! It seems like yesterday I was waiting pateintly for her arrival, and now she is off and running, no longer a baby, but has come into her own! I love you Layli-girl.

Carter had his spring concert at school, I am so proud of him! He is a very loving, compassionate little boy with so much energy! I love him more than life!

Here is a picture of Carter with his Nana and Papa!
My star up on stage!

Day 146: (5-24-2012)
Thursday T-ball!!!!! It was a beautiufl evening for it!

Day 147: (5/25/2012)
The kiddos had off school today, gave me an opportunity to get the house cleaned before Tim’s family comes for the weekend! Something about not having to rush anywhwere is so refreshing and I actually don’t mind cleaning the house.
Here is a picture of Preston and Layla sharing a moment on the porch! The relationship between these two is a dynamic one! It grows stronger everyday, but they still torment each other!


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