Project 365: Day 148, 149, 150, 151

We had an incredible holiday weekend! Tim’s brother and his family came in for the long weekend and the kids truely enjoyed themselves! They have a son and daughter, their son Bobby is 13 and their daughter is 10, considerably older than our 3 kids, but they are so good with our kids and play with them as if there were no age difference. My two boys are in to video games, mario to be exact and so is Bobby! We had beautiful weather, went fishing, attended church, had cookouts and just had a nice visit with them!

Here are the kids Friday night awaiting their arrival, patiently!

Day 148: (5/26/2012) Saturday was a lazy morning, and after Layla’s nap we all got ready and took the kids fishing, followed by a barbeque and ice cream!
Preston and daddy caught their first fish!

I even fished and caught one!

And Carter was a good teacher for Layla!

Layla and I had to venture away from the water before everyone else, she had enough!

Day 149: (5/27/2012) After church on Sunday we just hung out and since it was hot we got the sprinkler out for the kids. Brielle and Preston were the only two that really wanted to play in it, but they had a blast!

That smile of his is so amazing, it makes my heart smile!

Day 150: (5/28/2012) This weekend was the first weekend the carousel’s were open…..our area is known for a few things, one of which is it’s many carousels! The boys love going and it has been tradition that when Tim’s family visits on opening weekend we go! Layla was a little unsure of them, she didn’t ride, but she did get on for a brief moment!
Daddy and Preston!
Carter and Little Bobby
The moment right before Layla decided she didn’t want to ride!

Day 151: (5/29/2012) Back to the grind today, and it was a hot one. After school one of the other mothers invited us all to go to their house and play! Here is a picture of Layla and Preston in the baby pool! Layla is trying to show her brother some love, and he really isn’t having any of it!


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