Project 365: Day 152, 153, 154

It was tough getting back into the swing of things this week after having 4 days off of work, school for kids, and such a nice weekend!

Day 152: (5/30/2012)
Today was the first wednesday in a while that we didn’t have lil learners, so I had Preston and Layla both home in the a.m with me. The upside to not being so booked in the a.m. is I can get a run in before the afternoon, especially on the days I have to go to work! It was a semi-nice day, rain threatened but held off while I took kids to park for an hour!
Preston and Layla playing with friends in sandbox
Carter racing down the slide as he and his friends play (Mario Brothers) Bowser!

Day 153: (5/31/2012)
It was preston’s official last day of preschool (for the 3’s)! The school had a picnic for the two 3 year old classes at a local park! It had a sandbox and a carousel…they kids had a blast!
I love the preschool that Preston attends, carter went the two years prior to Preston starting and Layla will start after Preston finishes. They are very nurturing and the kids love going!
I love it when Preston is so carefree! I often feel like he gets lost in the middle of the other two, and it breaks my heart! He is a more independant child and I think thats part of it, so much different than the other two that are more demanding. I adore him and hope he always knows that!

Layla finally decided she wanted to ride the carousel, she wasn’t real sure about it the other day and even getting on the hourse this time, she was checking it all out. She did love it and we rode a few times! I look forward to taking the kids to all the carousel’s this summer!

Day 154: (6/1/2012)
I cannot believe that it is June already…where does the time go? Layla will be two soon, summer has started and things will get crazy. It will go by so fast so I am going to try and cherish every moment I have this summer and let the kids enjoy themselves!
Here is a picture of my baby girl….


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