I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | All Boy {June 2012}

This photo challenge is perfect for Father’s Day! I have 3 very special men in my life, my husband Tim, and my two older children, Carter and Preston! I cannot imagine life without them. My husband is an amazing father and provider for our family, I truely am blessed by his love and committment to our family! My three children love and adore their father and they are my pride and joy! They love life and teach me everyday what true love is!

This particular picture I took at my two boys t-ball game, my husband also coaches! Carter who is 5 1/2 enjoys being there, all his friends are on the team, and Preston 3 1/2 has his friends there too, but doesn’t always want to play. This particular night Preston was EXHAUSTED so he curled into my husbands arms, and at the very end Cater made his way over to them in the middle of the field and showed his love and appreciation for my husband! I love the emotion in this photo, and I adore all three of them!

Head on over to iheartfaces.com to view all the wonderful entries for June!


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