Project 365: Day 159 – 171

I am behind on posting my picture a day, so here goes the last two weeks! It’s been a crazy couple weeks here in the Antesberger household!

Day 159: (6/6/2012)
Carter is graduating T-K (Transitional Kindegarden) this week, I just cannot believe how time has flown by and how much he has grown! This program and year has done exactly what we had wished it would do! He has matured so much and I feel very confident that he is way more than ready to go on to Kindegarden! This picture was before his screening for Kindegarden. Carter at his new big school:(….sigh

Layla usually shows her affection for Preston by bullying him and teasing him :(…she knows exactly how to push his buttons! This though was the most precious moment I have witnessed, she just wanted to show him how much she loved him….he had just fallen asleep.

Day 160: (6/7/2012)
T_ball is wrapping up, they only have one more week to go! I love watching them play, well mostly its only carter, Preston doesn’t really ever want to play. I know how fast this time will pass by so I truely enjoy every moment of them being young.
Carter has become confident in hitting the ball without the T….and he is VERY good at it! I am so proud of him!

Day 161: (6/8/2012)
It was my sister’s Prom, I surely cannot wrap my head around the fact that she is graduating high school….where does time go..REALLY? I need a pause button.
She has grown up to be such an amazing, beautiful young woman. I pray that she stays true to who she is because she is like no other!

My sister and I after I did her hair for prom!

Day 162: (6/9/2012)
Layla is obsessed with my coffee and wants so badly to drink it when I have a cup! Here I found her sneaking a smell of my wonderful cup of saturday morning coffee….a must for me!

Layla and her big brother

Day 163: (6/10/2012)
Mowing is a weekly chore for my husband, and the kids love to ride the mower!

Day 164: (6/11/2012)
I love summertime..well almost summer..carter is in his last week of school! It was very hot out and all of our friends were just going home, but the kiddos wanted to go to the park so I took them for a little bit! I love being there with all of their friends, but it was kindof nice just having time with all 3 of my babies. We then went home and I let the kiddos go into the sprinkler to cool off! I adore these three little ones!!!!!

This next picture I love and i also converted it to black and white…I am posting both!

its amazing how converting a picture to black and white can make you feel different!
The boys cooling off!

Day 165: (6/12/2012)
Carter and Preston are very into Mario Brothers right now….Carter is borderline Obsessed, lol..he goes to bed talking about it, wakes talking about it….so every morning he asks me if he can watch youtube videos of mario and boswer…..
this picture is of all 3 before getting ready for school watching their videos on my laptop!

Day 66: (6/13/2012)
Carter has been friends with a few of his friends since he was 3 and Preston pretty much grew up with their siblings, and now goes to school with them and plays with them too! One of Preston’s good friends is Sara, she adores preston and i think he adores her too…

Day 67: (6/14/2012)
Carter went to the eye doctor a week or so ago and they found that he needed glasses….he was so excited..well they finally came in and here is a picture of my baby with his glasses!!!!!

It was also the last day of school/class for him……here is a pic of his class and their siblings after school as they usually play in the grass for a bit! sigh….he’s off to kindegarden in September..where did time go?

Preston and his friends….him and the girls:)
This was a busy Thursday, also the last game for T-ball!

Preston actually got out there and played for a bit this game!!!! here he is with his daddy (coach) 🙂

Day 168: (6/15/2012)
This was Carter’s Graduation from Transitional Kindegarden….I just cannot believe how fast this past school year went! I am so incredibly proud of Carter..he has grown so much this past year and he is way more than ready for kindegarden! It will be a bit sad that next year all his friends will be split up and all going to different schools, but i do believe that we will all stay in touch and get together as much as we can! Carter is such a compassionate, smart, energetic little boy and I am so incredibly blessed to have him for my son! I love you Carter.

Day 169: (6/16/2012)
My sister’s Graduation party!
My lil angel
My sister and I!
After party flip cup…..

Day 170: (6/17/2012)
Father’s Day!!!!! What an amazing father Tim is…our kids are so lucky to have him! They truely adore him!
We went to a bbq at a friends house and the kids got to go swimming… is layla with her daddy!

The boys truely enjoyed they are in the boat!

Day 171: (6/18/2012)
Low key monday filled with errands and catching up!
My lil photogenic..wish my boys would let me capture them the way she does..I cannot believe her party is this week and saturday she turns 2. 😦 boo


One thought on “Project 365: Day 159 – 171

  1. All of these are incredible. I wanted to comment after each one. I can’t believe how quickly time has flown! Your baby sister isn’t a baby anymore! And she’s gorgeous! Like the rest of you. Your parents haven’t changed a bit. They seem to have an anti-aging gene. Love all of you. Gorgeous, exquisite pics, Erica.

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