Project 365: Day 172, 173, 174 and 175

If summer is going to be as busy as it has been the past few weeks, I am not sure I will make it out alive! As much as I love to have stuff to do, fun stuff for both the kids and I, I am absolutely EXHAUSTED! This week I have been preparing for Layla’s Birthday and for our little trip to PA this weekend into next week for a family visit, all coming on the heels of my sister’s graduation party and all those preparations last week! I am looking forward to hopefully getting some R&R on our trip!

Day 172: (6/19/2012)
Now that school is out, our mornings are a little more relaxed! Layla loves to help with anything she can, so when I said I was making Pancakes, she quickly ran to the kitchen to help! Here is my little helper..I just adore her!

Day 173: (6/20/2012)
Hot is not the word to describe this week..or atleast tues, wed and thursday……
Thankfully our friends have pools, slides, and just a whole lot of fun in their backyard, so we retreated to their house to cool off!
Preston coming down the slide!
and his reaction to the water 🙂
Carter enjoying the slide!
My handsome lil boy
Lovin Life!

Day 174: (9/21/2012)
Layla’s turning two tomorrow and since we will be out of town we had her birthday celebration early! We had her party at Arnold Park, it was hot, but the kids kept cool with water guns and squirters!

Instead of cake, we did cupcakes and Snowcones….the snowcones were a hit!!!!!

Day 175: (6/22/2012)
Our friends had a pool party today….it wasn’t as hot as the last 2 days, but it was nice to be in the pool and be with friends.


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