Project 365: Day 176-184

This will be a long post due to the fact that I have a week and a half to post about. We went on vacation to PA to visit Tim’s family, boy was it a busy trip! Lots of fun packed into such a short amount of time!

Day 176: (6/23/2012)
Happy Birthday to my Princess Layla! I just cannot believe that my little baby is 2. I would like to find a pause button for time right now, for it has gone by too quickly. To Layla, you sure are a beautiful little girl. You have such a strong personality, so energetic, and sweet! You brighten up a room and you definately are my sunshine! You are a momma’s girl in every way, I love it. I cannot imagine my days without you! I hope you always know that I love you and adore you and that you will always have your very own special place in my heart! I love you my princess!

It was also Tim’s family reunion, we drove in that morning and went straight to the reunion. Everyone had a blast. From the softball game to the other kid games, everyone had their fill of fun!
Here is Tim and Carter playing in the softball game!

Here is Preston finishing a race, right into the arms of his pap pap!!!

Day 177: (6/24/2012)
Tim’s sister had a moving up/promotion party for her youngest son at a park! Layla was so tired out from her birthday the day before and no nap at the family reunion that she didn’t even make it to the party..fell asleep in the car.

Day 178: (6/25/2012)
We took the kids to Idlewild theme park with Tim’s family. The kids love going there, especially with their cousins! It was another busy day and not to hot which was a nice change.
Layla and I..she was pouting because the line for the big slide wasn’t going fast enough!

Here we were going down the slide, she loved it!

Here are my boys with their cousins!

Here is Tim with his dad and the boys on the log ride! Love the boys faces.

Tim with the boys on the spider..not sure how much Preston enjoyed this ride….

My 3 babies……

Day 179: (6/26/2012)
Tim’s Stepmother Barb was so gracious enough to throw layla a little birthday party! She invited all sides of the family so we had the chance to spend time with them all and they got to celebrate Layla’s birthday!

Day 180: (6/27/2012)
We met up with Tim’s friends from college and his family! The Pealer’s have 3 kids as well, two boys and a girl and each happen to be about 6 months younger than each of ours! They are awsome friends and we miss them alot.
We took all the kids to the Pittsburgh Zoo and acquarium.

Here are 4 of the 5 Pealer clan!

Tim with his lil girl!

The two girls!

Preston on the slides!

Day 181: (6/28/2012)
It was time to pack up and go home! The boys were sharing some quiet time with Pap Pap before we had to leave!

Day 182: (6/29/2012)
And we were finally home…it was good to be home!
The kids enjoying Layla’s new bubble machine!

Day 183: (6/30/2012)
We took the kiddos for a treat after we cooked out on Saturday! They LOVE ice cream!

Day 184: (7/1/2012)
Its been pretty hot here the last few days, and the kids have enjoyed the new sprinkler!

Big Brother

~Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.


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