Project 365: Day 189-192

It’s been a long weekend….Tim left for Germany (for work) early in the weekend and we have all been missing him! He has not traveled for work this long before or this far, so it is a major adjustment!

Day 189: (7/6/2012)
Here is a pic of the kids having their afternoon snack at the table, and making a big mess!

Day 190: (7/7/2012)
Daddy left today, but before he left we had the chance to get outside and play a little in the backyard!
Carter mad about something:(
My little Presty!
Layla doing the one thing she loves the most….Swinging and to her it is “Push”

Day 191: (7/8/2012)
With Tim being gone we thought it would be appropriate to give the kids chores to do, to help out and feel special around the house! Carter had to water the plants, Preston make the bed and all three also had to listen to mommy and clean up when they make a mess! Carter informed me he would be “Daddy” while daddy was

Day 192: (7/9/2012)
Today was the first day of swim lessons for two weeks!!! The boys were very excited and they did great! I am so very proud of them.


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