Project 365: Day 193 – 199

Day 193: (7/10/2012)
The kids are so excited to be doing swim lessons. Since it is at a park near my parents house they have also gotten the opportunity to play at the playground and carousel after swimming and a picnic lunch with friends! We also had my parents over for dinner since I didn’t have to work, it was a nice treat for everyone! After dinner the kids disspeared with nana to the deck for some bubble time. I just love the expressions I captured from Carter..pure joy!

Day 194: (7/11/2012)
My greatest friend Beth invited us up to her house for dinner, her husband was traveling as well! I absolutely love spending time with her and her family!
Here is a picture of Carter and Madison, friends since they were born!

And here is my beautiful goddaughter!

I took the kids for a little walk while Mackenzie went down to bed!

Day 195: (7/12/2012)
This was the day daddy was coming home from Germany..the kids were so excited! here is a picture of my lil Layla spinning herself on the kitchen floor as I make breakfast!

Here Carter is jumping off the diving board all by himself..I am so proud of him!

Here Preston is on diving board, he wasn’t so sure he wanted to jump by himself, maybe by the end of swim lessons..I am still so incredibly proud of how well he is doing in the water! My little fish

Day 196: (7/13/2012)
Friday was Tim’s work picnic (Corning Inc.). It was nice to have him off so we could all drive there together. I was amazed at what the company did for its employees. They had a ton of food, bounce slide, free swimming, free go karts and mini golf and use of the rides at this kiddie park, etc. The kids had a blast. They also brough in an ice cream truck, that was a big hit!

Day 197: (7/14/2012)
My pretty PRINCESS!

Day 198: (7/15/2012)
It was definately a LAZY Sunday!! And I loved every minute of it!!!! Here we got the boys away from the mario game to play outside before the storms came! I love watching these two together, and especially love it when they get a long!

Day 199: (7/16/2012)
Another start to a busy week…the kids are doing the second week of swim lessons as well as doing a lil learners camp (monday and wednesday this week and next). We run from one thing to another. I love watching the kids enjoy their time with friends and swimming in the pool! Here is Carter jumping off the diving board!

Preston and his smiling face, unsure still if he was ready to jump by himself!

~My family is the sunshine of my live…I love you Tim, Carter, Preston and Layla!!!!!!


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