Project 386: Day 200-205

It has been just beautiful here, very warm, but lots of sunshine! The kids have been enjoying swim lessons, lil learners and playdates with friends! A busy summer it has been for us!

Day 200: (7/17/2012)
We had a playdate at a friends house and luckily they have a pool, it has been hot and it was refreshing for us all!

Day 201: (7/18/2012)
We had lil learners and swim! Carter then went to a baseball game (briefly) with our neighbor Jack, it was a busy busy day!
The kids playing at lil learners
I am in love with Stacy’s program for lil learners..she does an amazing job with the kids and I absolutely love being able to be hands on with my kids while they discover and learn!

Day 202: (7/19/2012)
Today was the last day of swim for the kids and unfortunately they couldn’t go into the big pool (someone left a mess in there), but they managed to have fun in the baby pool…

Day 203: (7/20/2012)
With all this heat the kids haven’t really wanted to be playing outside, unless in a pool. Today was a nice break from the heat and sun, and they got out to enjoy some time playing in our backyard.
Carter and Layla building on our patio!
Carter loves to build and create things, he has quite the imagination! He has a mind like his dad….very smart and inventive! I love to watch him when he gets his imagination going, he is very intense!

Day 204: (7/21/2012)
We had some more breaks in the heat, but it was still very nice outside..the kids enjoyed more time outside! And we also had a family dinner on our deck, always love those!
My free spirit in his underwear and sneakers….I adore him!

Day 205: (7/22/2012)
Today we got up and hung out and then got ready for church. It has been awhile since we have made it to church, so it was nice that we got up and got out of the house. We also did errands for our upcoming vacation, we leave Friday for the beach, we can’t wait!


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