Project 365: Day 206-222

This has been the longest I have been away from my blog and posting a picture a day. I have a lot to catch up on, so bear with me! I will just give some background to whats been going on and then post the pics to make it as easy as possible to get caught up! From the last time I posted I was getting ready for our beach vacation (that week) and then we went to Ocean City, MD this year, the kids had a blast, but the weather wasn’t that great, and this week we are catching up! I love vacation, but it is a lot of work, before, during and after! I can’t imagine not having a beach vacation with the kids, the amazement in their eyes makes life worth living. Everything is an adventure and its never dull! I am blessed to have such amazing family and I could not imagine my life without my husband and kids! What a blessing they are to me!!!!

Day 206: (7/23/2012)
Layla putting her head in the pretend fishing pond at lil learners.
Day 207: (7/24/2012)
My fashionista helping daddy outside in 85+ degree weather in winter boots….she LOVES shoes.
Day 208: (7/25/2012)

Day 209: (7/26/2012)

Day 210: (7/27/2012)
1st offical day of vacation, and we wanted to leave early, but of course something always throws a wrench in that idea. Thurs night we had a big storm and the power was lost in only half our neighborhool, guess who had no power..US. We couldn’t see a thing, no packing was to be done, we searched and finally found a generator, hooked it up for it to be 9:30 pm, the kids needed to get to bed and we were not doing much of anything with minimal lights and power. So we had to finsih packing early in am.
Finally at the beach!
Day 211: (7/28/2012)
Carter enjoying the new boogie board.
Tim too!
Day 212: (7/29/2012)

Preston with his daddy!

Day 213: (7/30/2012)
Me with my beautiful mother and sisters!
Day 214: (7/31/2012)
My little wave jumpers
My explorer
Day 215: (8/1/2012)
Carter with his aunt loganne
Carter with his aunt lauren
Best Buds
Our babies!
Day 216: (8/2/2012)
My parents and My stepfathers side of the family went down this week as well so we had the opportunity to get some great family shots!
the five of us!
My beautiful Mother with her girls
Nona with our kids, her GREAT GRANDCHILDREN
My amazing husband and I! Life and Love may never be easy, but it is definately worth it with him by my side! No place i’d rather be then right in his arms!
Day 217: (8/3/2012)
And it was time to go home:( boo

Day 218: (8/4/2012)
Home sweet home…as much as I miss the beach, there just isn’t anyting like being home!

Day 219: (8/5/2012)
The kids are enjoying a relaxing weekend……

Day 220: (8/6/2012)
It was a sad day because Tim had to go back to work. We just hung around the house, the boys played mario, which they missed all week while on vacation and Layla played babies and antagonized her brothers too.

two peas in a pod!
Day 221: (8/7/2012)
I worked monday and tuesday this week, so the kiddos got to spend more time with nana!
Going to nana’s house!
Day 222: (8/8/2012)
Today we took an adventure to a local park that has a bridge, park and waterfalls, the kids love it there. We introduced our friends to this park and they had a blast.
adventure with friends!
Preston, got a little wet
Carter and his friend Anderson looking for fish/frogs/or whatever they can find…and Yes they always find something
Layla had just as much fun as the boys did!

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”


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