Project 365: Day 223-227

Day 223: Carter has been wanting to get together with his school friends for a while now and with vacation, swim lessons, etc, it was crazy, but now we have more time! His friend Alex was at his grandma’s house and she invited us to go swimming, of course we had to say yes. Unfortunately these friends, Alex and his friend Anderson will be at different schools this next year, but I know that some of the friendships will remain! Here is Carter jumping off diving board, such a big boy!

here is Preston swimming, he is my lil fish!

And my princess…..I could just eat her up!

Day 224: It has been about a month since I have seen my best friend Beth and her kids. It was way overdue to have a playdate, and now that vacations were over we finally got a day to spend some time together! Here are the kiddos!

Day 225: We had a wedding for my cousin Dustin, and I have to say that I truely enjoyed the entire wedding and reception. It was very nice and I think everyone had fun!
My handsome hubby and I on the golf course!
My older sister and I, we don’t get many of these!
My family on my dads side, my older sister and her husband, my sister and brother, and my dad and stepmother!

Day 226: We had such a nice time at the wedding and my mother was so kind to keep the kids over night, so Tim and I could have a night to ourselves. We had a nice time, but we of course missed our 3 kiddos. Preston was so excited when we picked them up, he was jumping around, then unfortunately he fell over and hit his head on the is the shiner 😦 boo

Day 227: The kids love to play in the sprinkler and also play with the water squirters. Here they are being carefree and loving life.

No matter how crazy life can get, these three little love bugs make everything so worthwhile! Life is good!


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