Project 365: Day 228-236

Day 228: (8/14/2012)
The boys are very into Mario Brothers on the Wii….and it is nice that they enjoy playing and playing it together, but sometimes I wish they would just want to be outside and enjoy being young kids! I finally convinced them that playing outside would be fun, and no sooner did they get out there, it started to rain. I immediately thought they would run right back in the house, but instead they had the idea to get their umbrellas….I love it.

Day 229: (8/15/2012)
I am amazed at how much the kids do look alike!!!! They truely are my pride and joy.

Day 230: (8/16/2012)
Since school is right around the corner we have been trying to take advantage of the time and get together with friends! Here are a few of the kids friends at a local park!

Carter with his first friends from preschool, Jaimie and Taylor!

Day 231: (8/17/2012)
Today was a rainy day, so we decided to have our friends over our house! Preston and alexander have been friends since they were 1, and their relationship has grown and now I love to see them play so well together. They curled up on chair together to watch their brothers play mario!

Day 232: (8/18/2012)
Busy weekend filled with birthday party for a good friend of Carter’s with all the parents and great food! We are blessed.
Here is Layla on the swing…mind you her hair was done by my husband, not bad work, just bad choice to let layla pick what she wanted in her hair, she looks like she is pledging a sorority! I think after all the times I tell my husband that since doing hair is my profession, seeing it this way stresses me out, he just does it to get under my skin???
she is still the cutest thing ever!

Day 233: (8/19/2012)
Sunday was chilly in the am, as much as I don’t want summer to leave us, I am enjoying a little taste of the fall weather.
My precious lil girl in some fall clothes before church!

Day 234: (8/20/2012)
I absolutely love this, my lil princess bright and early in the morning!

Day 235: (8/21/2012)
The boys have started to play soccer for the Town of Vestal. I wasn’t sure how it would go since they both told me they did not want to play, but this was Carter’s second practice and Preston’s first and I think they both enjoy the faster pace sport!
Carter kicking the ball
Preston at his first practice!
Love this picture….daddy is very proud of his little men!

Day 236: (8/22/2012)
We had the chance to get up to see my sister and her two boys in Norwich before school starts. The boys and my kids don’t get to see each other often enough, but they sure do get along. They enjoyed playing basketball, I do think Carter is going to love basketball when he gets into it, he was in heaven. Preston enjoyed himself too, I just think he is going to be a natural athlete!
Layla has always been very timid around people, even family, she doesn’t see all the time. I was shocked how well she did with my sister, her aunt shawna.
Carter with my sister’s youngest son Torin!
Preston prepping for a shot at the basket!


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