Project 365: Day 237-244

With summer dwindling down we have been mixing our days with get togethers with our friends and just getting stuff done. We are though, out of any sort of routine that will assist us in preparing for school…I guess I should get to work on that. Well maybe tomorrow! As much as I am ready for a routine, I truely have enjoyed lazy mornings with my babies, snuggling on the couch as if we have no place to be, and just enjoying them! I cannot believe Carter starts Kindegarten next week……I remember the day he was born as if it were yesterday!

Day 237: (8/23/2012)
We had a back to school haircut playdate! All of Carter and Preston’s friends came over and I did the haircuts while the kids played…i have to say it was chaotic! Here is a picture of Carter holding Avery, his good friend Anderson’s youngest brother.

Day 238: (8/24/2012)
The kids were enjoying rolling down the hill! Its times like this that I reminded of my own childhood!

Day 239: (8/25/2012)
Today was the boys first soccer game, unfortunately I was unable to make it to Carter’s game because I had a scheduled client, but I did get a chance to see Preston play. They both did great and they both scored 2 goals, as well as truely enjoyed themselves!

Day 240: (8/26/2012)
It was a crazy with with little family time, so we took this lazy sunday to just spend the day together.
The kids ready for their bike-ride to the park!

Day 241: (8/27/2012)
LOVE her expressions sometimes..melts my heart

Day 242: (8/28/2012)
Tuesday is soccer practice…..both kids are really getting into this sport, I love it!

Layla even got a hold of a ball and she was a natural!

Day 243: (8/29/2012)
My babies!!!!!

Day 244: (8/30/2012)
Preston’s sleepy toes….he falls asleep the moment he stops!


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