Project 365: Day 245-249

I really cannot believe how fast the summer has passed by! Isn’t it always the case that time flies when you have fun. We did a lot of fun things this summer, two vacations, parks, lots of outside fun filled days, and lazy days mixed in too! This weekend was a blast, I took the weekend off and we just had some family time!

Day 245: (8/31/2012)
It turned out to be a hot one, atleast in the afternoon. The kids sometimes get so wrapped up in wanting to play mario that they do not want to be outside. Well I told them mario was done and we were all going out to enjoy the sunshine. We pulled out the sprinkler, water squirters and the sidewalk chalk!

Carter has gotten into watching a lot of shark shows, here he has caught his very own…he is so creative sometimes it amazes me!

Day 246: (9/1/2012)
We took off for the day to Ithaca and went exploring the falls. We had plans to do a few falls, but with 3 kids sometimes things don’t go as planned. We did hike Buttermilk Falls, from top to bottom and let the kids explore in the water below! They had a blast, and were beat by the time we hiked all the way back up! We don’t take the opportunity often to just be together as a family doing the fun things our area and near by areas have to offer, and for that I am sad, but I am grateful for weekends like these where we finally set aside the time!

Day 247: (9/2/2012)
It was another warm one out and it was kindof nice knowing that we still had one more day off together, so sunday this week seemed a little more relaxed!

Day 248: (9/3/2012)
Day spent doing some household stuff, then just relaxing as a family!
Carter and Layla picking up outside, helping daddy!

Day 249: (9/4/2012)
Here is a picture of my precious Preston!

Here is a pic of my oldest in timeout…….as you can see he wasn’t happy with me taking his picture!


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