Project 365: Day 250- 254

Day 250: (9/5/2012)
Last day of summer for my kiddos…school and routine starts
Here is my princess blowing bubbles, or spilling more than she blows, but having fun anyway!

Day 251: (9/6/2012)
I cannot believe another year has passed and Carter is now in kindergarten and Preston will start his final year of pre-school. Oh how they have grown!

Day 252: (9/7/7012)
Carter’s first official day of Kindergarten. A full day all by himself and he did GREAT! I had a heavy heart driving him to school and walking away as he walked with his class to his classroom, but he was such a big boy, no tears, very brave!

Carter with his teacher Mrs. Schmidt after his frist full day!

Day 253: (9/8/2012)
Tim’s father came into town for the weekend to visit us and the kids and help celebrate Tim’s birthday! The kids truely enjoy spending time with their pap pap.

Day 254: (9/9/2012)
Happy Birthday my amazing husband! I cannot imagine my life without you, and without you I wouldn’t have all the blessings in my life that I do! You are an amazing man, father and husband, and I only hope you know each and everyday how much I love and appreciate you!
Here is a picture of Layla wishing her daddy a very happy birthday


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