Project 365: Day 255-259

Day 255: (9/10/2012)
Preston’s first official day of pre-school (his second year – 4 year olds). I am so incredibly proud of you Preston! You were excited to go, and no tears, what a difference a year makes! It made it so much easier leaving you, knowing that you were ready to be there and happy to be back! I love you my sweet boy.

Day 256: (9/11/2012)
A lazy day with my babies, minus one (carter was in school). It’s fun to watch the relationship between Layla and Preston change. When Carter is around, Preston is all about him, and gets very annoyed with Layla, but now that they spend the most time together, it is changing! I hope they have as good of a relationship as Carter and Preston. She just adores Preston.

Day 257: (9/12/2012)
Oh the joys of parenting…there are two things I absolutely despise….Sleep training and potty training. It must be something in the word training! Layla has shown interest off and on with the potty, but nothing consistant, and her only being 2 years and almost 3 months, I just am not quite sure she is ready and that it won’t be a battle. I guess I will just go with the flow for now. Here she is, a moment of interest!

Day 258: (9/13/2012)
Carter made a card for his teacher’s birthday!
so proud of him and the joy he shows in doing things that make people happy!

Day 259: (9/14/2012)
One of my favorite cookies is Oreo’s, nothing like oreo’s and milk. It brings me back to my childhood! Preston and Layla wanted something sweet after lunch and had a blast eating them! As you can see, Layla ejoyed every last bit of the oreo’s and milk. Messy Girl!

I truely enjoy capturing the moments of our lives. It is amazing to look back at those moments in life that are so fleeting! I Love my babies more than life itself! The world is at their fingertips and I enjoy being there to watch my kids grab onto them! Life is not just good, it is GREAT!


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