Projet 365: Day 260-270

Day 260: (9/15/2012)
I finally made it to a game for Carter, with my work schedule it has been hard to see both of their games! I sure do wish I could be at them all!

Day 262: (9/16/2012)
I love fall for many reasons, some of which include the nice weather, colors of the leaves, and our area has some really fun things to do for families! One of the things I always enjoyed as a kid and now want my kids to enjoy is the Cider Mill. A place where the kids can watch doughnuts being made, cider being made, enjoy candy apples, fresh cider and just all the wonderful things about fall! We went there on this wonderful sunday afternoon after church, as a family, and the kids LOVED it.

Day 263: (9/17/2012)
This day, seven years ago, I said I DO to the most amazing man! I could not imagine spending my life with anyone else, he is an amazing man, husband and father. Marriage hasn’t always been easy, but I definately think it is worth it! I love you Tim.

Day 264: (9/18/2012)
Apples, Apples, Apples….a favorite in this house!

Day 265: (9/19/2012)
Carter’s school had a back to school picnic and concert, and the parents were invited to join! Here layla and I were killing time till we could see one of our favorite men..Carter.

Day 266: (9/20/2012)
Tubby Time!

Day 267: (9/21/2012)
We met friends at the park today, the kids real

Day 268: (9/22/2012)
Soccer day! I couldn’t make both of the boys games, but did get to one. This week was Preston’s game, but of course when I got there he was completely melting down, and wouldn’t even get on the field to play!

Day 269: (9/23/2012)
Tim accidently hit the swingset with his riding mower and broke one of the support beams, so he needed to do some work on it to make it usuable for the kids. Of course the kids (all 3) wanted to help out!

Day 270: (9/24/2012)
It is Monday for sure…..

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