Project 365: Day 271- 275

Day 271: (9/25/2012)
Lazy day because we were batteling colds, thought I would get the remote out and get some fun pics with my babies!

Day 272: (9/26/2012)
Preston goes to school Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and he usually comes home with something from the classroom to take care of until the next class. He brought home one of his favorite fluffy bears!

Day 273: (9/27/2012)
I love to watch my kids explore the outdoors. Layla got into playing right out front of our house and I got some really cute pics of her and her curiosity!

Day 274: (9/28/2012)
I have been holding out for a long time now….and this is the moment of reveal….

We ARE expecting another little one, and it happens to be another little girl! A balance of two boys and two girls in February 2013!
We are VERY excited!

Day 275: (9/29/2012)
I had a busy but not so long day at work so I had the chance to spend the afternoon with my babies and hubby! Here the kids are posing with our security husband says they are running a picture contest which you should include next to the sign you value and want to protect most and here are my most prize possessions!

I also played a little soccer with my oldest!!!!


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