Project 365: Day 276-281

Busy, Busy, Busy we have been the last couple weeks….

Day 276: (9/30/2012)
Sunday=family day! We went to church and then up to the apple farm to pick apples and have a nice family breakfast (ended up being breakfast for lunch!) I love fall in upstate NY! The kids had a blast, and I love doing all these fun things with them in hopes that they will carry these memories with them always, I know i will!

Day 277: (10/1/2012)
Monday is the day Layla and I venture to the grocery store while Preston and Carter are at school! We always have a bit of time to kill before getting Preston around lunch time so we often spend a lot of time in the car playing around with the windows and buttons….

Day 278: (10/2/2012)
A start to a very busy week…birthday week for Carter, but we still managed to find some down time!
Here is Layla watching out the window, she loves to watch the birds and other animals.

Day 279: (10/3/2012)
After finishing up some errands for Carter’s birthday, I walked for a bit to around Preston’s school while we waited for him, then I treated Layla to the pumpking patch next door! She was in heaven!

Day 280: (10/4/2012)
Happy Birthday to the most amazing little boy EVER…My sweet Carter. I truely had no idea how much you would change my world! The past six years have flown by, but there hasn’t been a day that you haven’t put a smile on my face and touched my heart! You are so strong, energetic, outgoing and loving, I hope you know how very special you are and how much I love you. I am thankful everyday for you my sweet boy! I love you with all my heart, always and forever, PROMISE! xox

I had the chance to go into your school for lunch and treats for your class, and then we celebrated with cake and dinner as a family with nana and papa too!

Day 281: (10/5/2012)
The two youngest have started lil learners again for the fall! I love this program!

Layla loves to do the art, unfortunately Preston does not!


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