Project 365: Day 293 and 294

I love capturing the little moments in life, the joys and not so joys of parenting! I love celebrating my kids, my life, my husband and just life with family! Its not only the moments of birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, births, sporting events, or any big life moments that are important to remember…its the little moments in each day. I want to remember every little thing about my kids, and our lives together.

Day 293: (10/18/2012)
Preston’s birthday celebration continued…I wanted to post the following pictures because they are the most precious moments of his birthday and who he is and what makes everything special!
There is something magical about a birthday, celebration of your life, but there is also something so meaningful about sharing it with those that love us most! Here is a picture of Layla and the birthday boy with two of the most amazing women that love them to pieces, their Aunt Lauren and their nana!
Aunt Lauren and Nana with Carter
The joy giving! Carter was so set on getting Preston a present, he was so excited to celebrate Preston all day, he didn’t even want to be in school and miss his school party! I love seeing how excited he was to give!
The innocent Joy, getting exactly what you wish for!

Day 294: (10/19/2012)
Parenting is not all roses and sunshine…..there aren’t just giggles and hugs, and smiles and joy, there are the moments of pouty faces, temper tantrums, testing our boundries and frustrations, but it all goes hand in hand and it makes life worth living. without a little rain we can’t enjoy the sunshine!
Here is my little girl, 2 and all..POUTY


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