Project 365: Day 295, 296 and 297

Weekends are very precious to us, as our weeks get busier and busier! But they do fly by way too fast.
Right now the boys are doing soccer, but this will be the last week, and as much as I love watching them play a sport, it does take up time both during the week and weekends. I am sure now that soccer will be ending something else will fill up our time, and that will be ok, as long as the kids are having fun and are happy!

Day 295: (10/20/2012)
Preston, our middle child, has a personality all of his own, different from the other two. He is very independent, more laid back in many ways, but when he doesn’t want to do something, he just will not, and most of the time lately it just sets him off if we persist on him doing it! For example this weekend, during his soccer game the coach wanted a team picture…well they decided to do it at half time, he just didn’t want to. He was playing and having fun, which sometimes is not the case, and then this picture had to happen, well he refused, leaving a picture of the team w/out him (insert photo below…lol)

and because daddy and mommy encouraged him to do it and he just did NOT want to, this is the little boy that came out..
a little boy who just couldn’t get out of a bad mood and wanted to be around only himself….sniff sniff, it made me so sad, and makes me so sad to see him get this way! I sure do hope this is only a phase, because I don’t want him to feel this way!

Day 296: (10/21/2012)
After church we took the kids to get their pumpkins…..they had a blast.

Day 297: (10/22/2012)
Lazy morning…


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