Project 365: Day 300-304

Day 300: (10/25/2012)
Thursdays are Lil Learners days for the two youngest kiddos. This week she had a halloween party planned and the kids could dress up! I thought for sure Preston would be all in for this, since he has wanted to wear his costume non-stop at home, but halfway to lil learners a meldown occurred, resulting in NO COSTUME for my batman! Boo hoo, I was so excited for him to wear it. Layla enjoyed wearing her Supergirl costume though!

Day 301: (10/26/2012)
This year brought about a lot of changes for the kids, new school, new friends, but our preschool friends and siblings have always been great friends and I believe that these friendships will last a lifetime….I love the moms, and the kids have been friends for 3 years and truely have such great friendships.

Day 302: (10/27/2012)
The boys had their last soccer game today, unfortunately I could not attend because of work, but they got trophy’s and that made them happy. We had friends over for dinner, long over due, and then Carter had a halloween party for a friend from soccer and school. It was a very busy day, but these days create so many wonderful memories, it is worth it!
Preston and Madison!
Layla and my god daughter…they are only 2 months apart
The three ladies together enjoying oreos
My Monster, ready for his party! He picked this costume all on his own.

Day 303: (10/28/2012)
Prepping for Sandy to hit the east coast we spent the morning doing errands and then carved our pumpkins in the afternoon. The kiddos were so excited to get pumkins and to carve them they just couldn’t wait. I have to say it isn’t my most favorite things to do, but remember doing it as a kid and love the fact that my kids get excited about doing it! It went well though, no big mess and no chaos.

Day 304: (10/29/2012)
The calm before the storm……I pray that we aren’t going to get what they are calling for with this storm they call “Sandy”!!!! High winds that could knock out power and lots of rain. We endured the flood a year ago, and we flooded in our basement due to the sump pump failing, wich we have replaced and also put in new drainage, so hopefully flooding won’t happen to us again. But I am just not sure our town/county can endure much more devastation! I pray for all those areas in Sandy’s path! Here are a few pics, I call my calm before the storm, my babies they make me smile!


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