Project 365: Day 308-313

Day 308: (11/2/2012)

Day 309: (11/3/2012)

Some bathtime fun…..usually Carter takes a shower, but this momma couldn’t handle both after a long day, so I allowed all three to tubby together, and I love to hear the giggles among them! So glad they have each other, and can’t wait for #4 to feel the love too.

Day 310: (11/4/2012)
One of their friends had a birthday party at the zoo, they got to pet a few animals too, a bonus for my kids who love animals.

Preston giggling with the birthday boy

Day 311: (11/5/2012)
Manic Monday
Carter has been getting up extra early due to the time change….and he is so obsessed with mario galaxy right now, that he wakes up talking and thinking about it..I only hope he is this into school…lol
I adore this little boy.

Day 312: (11/6/2012)
Kids hard at work looking through toy catalog! Christmas is coming..way too fast!

Day 313: (11/7/2012)
Preston being very lazy in the a.m.!

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